Resolution of Inquiry: First Formal Legislative Move Toward Impeachment Has Been Filed!

Yesterday, February 9, 2017, marked the potential beginning of the impeachment of Donald Trump. New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-10th), now famous for his impassioned immigration speech outside JFK International Airport the day after the Trump travel ban was put into effect, has filed a Resolution of Inquiry that effectively forces the Republicans to take up a discussion of President Trump’s conflicts of interest, ethical violations and ties to Russia.

In a press release dated February 9, 2017, Congressman Nadler said:

Democrats have repeatedly asked the Majority, in letters to Chairman Goodlatte and Speaker Ryan, to investigate these ongoing conflicts of interest, and those requests have been ignored. Donald Trump has refused to step away from his business interests in any meaningful way, his foreign entanglements are likely unconstitutional, he has repeatedly refused to disclose his financial assets, and he is clouded by the specter of Russian intervention in the election and his Administration.  Republicans have shown zero willingness to follow through on their duty to conduct oversight, and they must be held accountable if they are truly willing to abdicate this constitutional obligation and must be made to answer to the American people for that failure.  We must know what the Department has learned about the Administration’s connections to the Russian government.  We must review the Department’s legal analysis—if there is any—of the President’s feeble attempt to remedy his wide-ranging ethics problems.  We must conduct oversight of the least transparent Administration in modern history.  This resolution represents a start.

Read Nadler’s full Resolution of Inquiry here.

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